watson 3202 hydrocodone high

watson 3202 hydrocodone high

Watson 3202 Overdose

How many watson 3203 hydrocodone does it.

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07.12.2008 · Best Answer: http://www.webmd.com/pill-identification… dumb *** if you dont take painkillers as a hobby. Two 5mg hd would make you feel pretty high
What are the reddish orange dots on Watson 3202 vicoden Are they just for a design or is it another medication in the pill if so what type of medication is the

  • White oval pill with watson 349 on one.

  • 06.03.2010 · Best Answer: Seriously??? Why would you do that other than the fact you are an addict? In which case, you should already know.

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    Hydrocodone???? (Watson 3202) high help?.

    Hydrocodone???? (Watson 3202) high help?.
    Actually the acetaminophen is generic tylenol and has no capability to enhance your "high". the quantitiy of hydrocodone is what it really comes down to, and in the

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    watson 3202 hydrocodone high

    Watson 3202 Pill - The People's Medicine.

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